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Welcome Developers, By using code farming you can generate code of validation, migrations, models, crud & dynamic query for Laravel.

Beginning from Laravel

Right now we are providing code farming services for Laravel. Near future we will add Codeigniter, NodeJS, Django in our service.


Using code farming is so easy for a beginner developer also, Just fill form and get your code.

Saving Time

Forget syntax mistakes and focus on business logic now by using code farming.

Example of Laravel Validation

We are creating here laravel validation for the request parameter.

  • Name parameter must be string & required.

  • Email parameter must be email type, required & check is that email already exists in the database.

  • Phone parameter must be type string, optional & size of value 11

As you can see the right-below image using code farming so easy for beginners also. You are just filling form with your required parameter and rules after press submit you are getting your code.

Validation Migration Image

Example of Laravel Migratoin

We are creating here laravel migration code for our website or api's. Below is our migration code to be generated.

  • Table name should be users.

  • Must have id auto-increment column.

  • Must have created_at & updated_at columns.

  • Must have soft delete(deleted_at) column.

  • Must have name column type varchar length 20 & nullable.

  • Must have email column type varchar length 20, nullable & comment for column is "it will be user email address".

  • Must have phone column type varchar length 15 & nullable

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We Are Here To Unlock Your Coding Puzzle

We at Code Farming welcome developers can efficiently generate code of validation, migration, crud, dynamic query, and models for Laravel.

Beginning from Laravel

Right now our aim is to offer services for Laravel only. However, we promise to advance our top-level services in the near future as we will be integrating our coding services for Django, NodeJS, Codeigniter, and more.


Code farming's user-friendly website will make you tackle every difficult coding. The site is entirely customer centric and especially a boon for all the beginners out there. All you need to do is to fill the form and gift yourself an easy code solution.

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